Where precision meets power

We are working on a well-defined quality Assurance Plan, each process, each material used, and each stage is monitored and checked. Our manufacturing casting products will retain higher strength, greater toughness, closer tolerances, and better surface finish, Components with Improved properties and complex configurations are featured in the newly designed products. We have vast experience in the design and manufacture of complicated parts.

We are committed to manufacture and supply Quality Investment Castings to meet customers need at competitive price and on time delivery.
We shall fully support continual up gradation of our systems, processes and technology to enhance the quality of our products and services.
We maintain our market position through continual improvement of Quality management system, process technology and employee competence.
We ensure to supply complaint free products to achieve complete customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.
We are committed to comply our quality management system as per ISO: 9001 –2008 standards.
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